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Worker entering data into a handheld computer in front of shelves filled with items - appearing to take inventory.

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What do Aviation Inventory Controllers do?

Aviation Inventory Jobs involve managing inventory for shipping, receiving aviation components during the manufacture, maintenence or repair of aircraft. Additionally, Inventory Controllers work with inspectors to ensure accurate and complete records are kept for aviation equipment.

How much do Aircraft Inventory Personnel make?

While good data that is specific to the Aviation Inventory Controllers are hard to come by, according to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics as of May 2015, the median salary for all Inventory Management personnel - regardless of industry was $26,240.

How do I get a Aviation Inventory Job?

There are generally no specific education requirements for stock clerks and order fillers, but inventory control jobs usually require a high school diploma or equivalent. Training is usually acquired while on the job, and typically a supervisor or more experienced worker will help train new personnel.

What skills are required for an Aviation Inventory Controller?

Important Skills for Aircraft Inventory include:

  • Communications Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Detail Orientation
  • Math Skills

What jobs can you get as a Aviation inventory Installer?

The following are a list of common job titles that are available to Aviation Inventory Controllers