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What do Aviation Management Professionals do?

Depending on the level of the position, Aviation Management can entail everything from managing people, departments of work and operations, to managing fleets of planes and overseeing repair and maintenance. Aviation Management Jobs typically require strong organizational and leadership skills to be successful. Aviation Management Jobs are currently in demand especially with large companies looking to streamline their processes or get a better handle on their workforce.

How much do Aviation Management Professionals Make?

The pay range for Aviation Management Professionals varies so greatly that it's hard to give an accurate median pay scale for Aviation Management on the whole. Airport managers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics have a median annual salary of $119,460 while an air traffic controller has a median annual salary of $122,950 with the lowest 10% making less than $66,780 and the highest 10% making over $172,590 annually More Information Available Here.

How do I get an Aviation Management Job?

Depending on the specific Aviation Management position you're interested in, there are a variety of paths to get there. For instance Air Traffic Controllers can either gain experience through the Military, or get an aviation degree through the FAA's Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative program. More information is available at the FAA's Aviation Careers Page

What determines the salary of a Aviation Management Professional?

Salaries for Aviation Management Jobs depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Number of Years Experience and Expertise on the Particular Subject Matter of the Job
  • Education Level
  • Additional Certifications and Licenses Held
  • Geographical location of the work being performed
  • The Employer and Their Willingness To Pay For Skilled Labor

What jobs can you get in Aviation Management?

The following are a list of common job titles that are available to Aviation Managers