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Aircraft Painter Jobs are a great way to get an introduction to planes and the airfield as well as meet people from a variety of companies.

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What do Aircraft Painters do?

Aircraft Painters are responsible for applying paint, resin and other materials to aircraft surfaces. Aircraft Painting typically is done with paint sprayers, paint brushes and rollers. You must be very detail oriented to be an Aircraft Painter as the job typically requires you to paint in close quarters and produce very detailed clean lines. Not all Aircraft Painters will work on new paint jobs as many are required to touch-up paint on old aircraft.

How much do Aircraft Painters make?

According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics as of May 2015, the median Aircraft Painter salary was $34,340. The lowest 10% of Aircraft Painters earned less than $21,890 and the highest 10% earned more than $56,910.

How do I get an Aircraft Painter Job?

Many Aircraft Painting positions only require a high school diploma for education, and many employers will offer on the job training for new Aircraft Painters that have proven they have the attention to detail required and the ability to learn how to do the job. Some companies may want more experience and require you to demonstrate your understanding of application techniques along with your knowledge of different types of applicators and materials.

What determines the salary of a Aircraft Painter?

Salaries for Aircraft Painter Jobs depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Number of Years Experience with the tools and materials
  • Education Level
  • Additional Certifications
  • Geographical location of the work being performed
  • The Employer and Their Willingness To Pay For Skilled Labor

What jobs can you get as a Aircraft Painter?

The following are a list of common job titles that are available to Aircraft Painters